West Branch Chester Creek Cleanup

  row boat

In August Aston Township completed the removal of a twelve foot high dam on the West Branch of Chester Creek.  There was a large impoundment of water behing this dam and when it receded, a lot of debris was left behind.  Aston Township asked the Chester-Ridley-Crum Watersheds Assocation (CRC) to organize the cleanup and CRC Executive Director Anne Murphy in turn asked DMTU to assist.  The cleanup took place on Satuday September 11th and was a great success. 

The pile of debris removed from the creek included 28 tires, 3 drums, a rowboat, a cement trash can, washing machine parts, and a kitchen sink.  A lot of what was removed had been at least half buried in silt and/or sand, but everyone pitched in to get it out.  CRC volunteer Michael Mogavero brought his ATV and trailer which made it very easy to get the debris out to the road.

In total there were 13 volunteers - one from Aston Township, five from the CRC, and seven of our members - Eric Camilli, Ed Collier, Bob Hartje, Shane Campbell, Dave Wharton, Charlie Flannegan, and Greg Shaffer.