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A Job Well Done - 2011 Stream Cleanup Print

On Saturday, May 7th club members rounded out a total of 50 volunteers who came out to the west branch of Chester Creek in Aston for the 2011 Chester-Ridley-Crum Watersheds Association's stream cleanup day.  Chapter members Al and Matt "the muscle" Edinger, Greg Shaffer, Ed Collier, Paul Fedeli and his son Ben were joined in the stream by two other volunteers in waders.  Paul's wife and daughter joined a large contingent of volunteers working the stream bank and the adjacent Louis Fisher Memorial Park.


The stream banks are quite high, but fortunately the guys in the water received plenty of help from volunteers on the shore who carried away everything we could pile on the bank.  A large contingent of volunteers from the Aston-Beechwood Fire Company was there with vehicles equipped with electric winches as well as first aid (one of them told me they heard someone was injured there last year).  The winches were needed to get some of the bigger items up on the bank.

Aston Township reported the trash filled two dump trucks and estimated 3.75 tons in all.
Included in the haul were:

  • 43 bags of trash
  • 10 tires
  • 2 tons of scrap metal, including 2 engine blocks and a motorcycle
  • A chair, mattress, sled, wagon, and other misc. items

Many, if not most, of these items were nearly completely buried in the stream bottom.  Fortunately many areas of the stream bottom are mostly loose gravel that was relatively easy to dig out.



Of course, some jobs were easier than others:


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